About Us

What it is...

Mercy,  Please! is an exclamation, an exaltation, an expletive, and a prayer.  Mercy, Please! is pure soul expression. Practically, it's an ever  growing and expanding collective of artists and musicians coming  together to create and to perform original soul, funk, and R&B  music. The mission is to unite people in a shared expression of love;  particularly the love of music. We express and share this love in many  ways, including but not limited to: Live performance, touring, private  performance, sound production, community events, free creative exchange  with like minded artist across media. Each live performance is an  exhilarating and unique experience, bringing together sounds from the  past and future alike.  

Where it's Comin' From...


The  group was founded by Spencer Soloduka (keys & vocal, above) and  Michael Peters (left, on guitar & vocals) in 2015 in Charlottetown,  PEI, from the ashes of the award winning soul group 'Spencer Soloduka  & the Tearaways' (Urban Recording of the Year, MPEI 2015) The group  is currently based in Toronto, and debuted the Toronto lineup March  10th, 2017 at the historic Grossman's Lounge.
Influences: Sly & the Family Stone,Bill Withers, Joe Cocker, D'Angelo, Anderson .Paak, Alabama Shakes
Previous members include: Michael Peters, James Wright, Jamie Doucette, Amie Picketts, Isaac Williams, Justin Metcalfe.
Current members: Spencer Soloduka (keys, vocals) Yuske Frutate (guitar, vocals) Anthony Wisdom (bass) Adrian Edwards (drums)

What's to Come...

Currently working on some recording and videos to get out to you people. We are also lining up some shows and special events in Toronto. Look forward to touring in the Summer and Fall. Where would you like to see us? Let us know!